MARCH 2017

SAT, 1 APR 2017 16.30 pm Happening Triennale Design Museum
Guided tour
(Italiano) Visita guidata al TDM
SUN, 2 APR 2017 11.30 am Happening Triennale Design Museum
Guided tour
(Italiano) Visita guidata al TDM
SUN, 2 APR 2017 3 pm Spettacolo Flowers, butterflies and a ridiculous parrot The “Vicini di Dario” on the stage of Teatro Continuo Alberto Burri with a funny, sharp and elegant comedy. Rose’s fairly-tale garden is the mirror of the cynical and corrupt modern society with its hypocrisy, madness, plots and crimes.
MON, 3 APR 2017 12 pm Happening Opening
Murals on Albini’s works
The association of volunteer Retake Milano, the Politecnico’s School of Design, Fondazione Franco Albini and Municipio 1 will realise two murals celebrating the Albini’s works. Franco Albini was a famous architect, master of the Italian Rationalism, pioneer of design and creator of the line 1 of the Milan’s underground.
TUE, 4 APR 2017 8 pm - midnight Happening Opening Event
Triennale Design Week 2017 presents Italian Music: A Vinyl Anthology, curated by Paquita Gordon
Triennale Design Week 2017
TUE, 4 APR 2017 1 pm Happening Poetic Tram Ride This Poetic Tram Ride is an “exhibit” by Hong Kong interdisciplinary designer Kingsley Ng.
TUE, 4 APR 2017 6.30 pm Happening Between Serenity and Dynamism; Korean Ceramics
Opening Cerimony
Opening Ceremony of the Exhibition organized for Triennale Design Week.
WED, 5 APR 2017 11.30 am - 12.30 pm Performance ENTRAINMENT
A Sonic Meditation
"Entrainment" is a meditative concept and law of physics, in which internal rhythms of living beings synchronize with external rhythms. Composer Ferdinando Arnò’s 50-minute modern pagan mantra, Entrainment, harnesses this phenomenon’s collaborative power with its eclectic musical moods.

Dewey Dell <br/>Sleep Technique

19th - 20th APRIL 2017

Dewey Dell
Sleep Technique

Teatro dell'Arte

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni <br/>Cantico dei Cantici

27th APRIL 2017

Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
Cantico dei Cantici

Teatro dell'Arte

Amir Reza Koohestani <br/>Timeloss

12 - 13 MAY 2017

Amir Reza Koohestani

Teatro dell'Arte