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Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm


Celebrating the Centenary of His Birth: 1918-2018


The Call for Papers promoted by the Triennale di Milano intends to gather doctoral dissertations, and published and unpublished historical and critical studies that examine the figure and work of Bruno Zevi. In particular, the Call intends to promote the entire work of Bruno Zevi, bringing together his critical commitment, as an art and architecture historian, and his educational work as the founder of Metron and of L’Architettura – Cronache e storia, together with his professional life as an architect who worked and formed ties with his contemporaries, as well as his civic commitment as a politician and promoter of social struggles.

One constant aspect of his work was his interaction with modernity, in which he aimed to grasp a new dimension in the complex, diverse forms in which it appeared, and that became a key feature of his critical contribution and his visio of contemporary phenomena. He did not impose an interpretation of this but rather opened up a process of assimilation and perception of the stimuli that he brought about by his ability to see, and to teach others to see something more than architecture, thus introducing a unique method of criticism. The Call for Papers considers the content of these various positions and intentions as its own, promoting the broadest possible discussion of them through the works of scholars.

The materials that are received and selected will form the basis of workshops on the subject, to be held as part of an international conference entitled Bruno Zevi: Dialogues on Modernity, to celebrate the Centenary of the birth of Bruno Zevi, which will be held at La Triennale di Milano on June 12, 2018.



Theses, doctoral theses, or studies published between 1990 and 2017 concerning the figure and work of Bruno Zevi in which the following topics are examined either individually or together:

– Architecture publishing, dissemination of architectural knowledge;
– History of Architecture teaching;
– Environmental protection and restoration;
– Territory, landscape, and landscape architecture;
– Urban planning;
– Relationships with architects;
– Architectural history and criticism;
– Political and civil commitment.



The call is open to graduates, doctorate students, research doctors, and teachers.



Applicants must send theses or publications in PDF format (max 30 MB).
The works submitted may be either published or as yet unpublished.
The materials must be sent, together with the application form, to the following address: with the following required information:

– Author’s name / surname;
– Title of the thesis or publication;
– Subject of the thesis or publication with reference to the topics listed above;
– The subject line of the e-mail must indicate: Call for papers / Dialogues on Modernity / Bruno Zevi Centenary.



The following are excluded from participation in the competition:

– Members of La Triennale di Milano;
– Speakers at the Conference that will be held on June 12, 2018 at La Triennale di Milano;
– Relatives, employees and/or employers of the aforementioned persons.

Failure to comply, in whole or in part, with the requirements of the above articles will constitute irrevocable cause for exclusion from the competition.



The materials collected will be examined and selected by the speakers at the conference entitled “Bruno Zevi: Dialogues on Modernity” which will be held on June 12, 2018 at La Triennale di Milano. Speakers: Marco Biraghi, Stefano Boeri, Alberto Ferlenga, Emanuele Fiano, Fulvio Irace, Carlo Olmo, Luca Zevi. Coordinators: Renzo Bassani, Arianna Panarella.
The authors of the works chosen (maximum 5) will be invited to take part in the study day at La Triennale di Milano. For this occasion, the authors will be asked to send a printed version, to be archived in the Biblioteca del Progetto of La Triennale. The outcome of the Call for Papers will be made known by e-mail to the individual applicants and published on the website of La Triennale di Milano.



– Call issued on March 1, 2018;
– Submission of materials by midnight on May 15, 2018. No e-mails sent after this time and date will be accepted;
– Any questions must be sent to no later than April 1, 2018;
– The winners will be announced by May 25, 2018;
– Conference: June 12, 2018 at La Triennale di Milano.



By taking part in the competition, candidates:

– guarantee that the project is unpublished and take upon themselves personally and exclusively all responsibility for the project submitted with regard to any possible infringements of patents or copyrights belonging to third parties;
– guarantee that they have exclusive ownership of the material presented, that they are the sole owners of the copyright of the same, and that their rights of ownership and copyright are not subject to any deed that limits their effectiveness;
– guarantee that they have obtained any and all necessary releases for each document or image reproduced, relieving the issuers of this call and partners of this competition from any consequence that might result from the publication and/or use of the material in violation of third-party rights in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003;
– authorize, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 196 of June 30, 2003, the processing of personal data by the issuers of this call, by computer or other means, and their use for the purposes of the competition and related events.
– authorize La Triennale di Milano to publish the name of the author and the title of the selected text in various publications, both printed and on the web, and to archive the text in the Biblioteca del Progetto of La Triennale di Milano.



Participation in the Call for Papers entails total acceptance of these Regulations.
The applicant declares that they have read and fully accepted all clauses in this document.





For further information, please send an e-mail to the following address:

La Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna 6 – Milano

Renzo Bassani
Arianna Panarella

Il Giornale dell’Architettura

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