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Director general
Andrea Cancellato T. +39.02.72434.216 

General Affairs Sector
Carla Morogallo, responsible T. +39.02.72434.210

General Affairs
Maria Eugenia Notarbartolo T. +39.02.72434.216
Franco Olivucci
Franco Romeo

Technical Services
Marco Gaspari T. +39.02.72434.311
Alessandro Cammarata T. +39.02.72434.230
Roberto Cirini
Antonio Cosenza
Xhezair Pulaj

International Exhibition
Laura Agnesi, responsible T. +39.02.72434.218

Cultural Production Sector
Violante Spinelli Barrile, responsible T. +39.02.72434.238

Roberta Sommariva T. +39.02.72434.229
Laura Maeran T. +39.02.72434.223

Alessandra Cadioli T. +39.02.72434.252

Institutional Communication and Media Relations
Antonella La Seta Catamancio, responsible T. +39.02.72434.240
Micol Biassoni, Press T. +39.02.72434.247
Marco Martello, Digital Communication T. +39.02.72434.205
Dario Zampiron, Graphic Design T. +39.02.72434.405

Fundraising and Sponsorship
Olivia Ponzanelli, responsible T. +39.02.72434.243

Public Services and Research
Valentina Barzaghi, responsible T. +39.02.72434.212
Claudia Di Martino T. +39.02.72434.232

Marketing and Special Projects
Caterina Concone, responsible T. +39.02.72434.257

Exhibitions set up and Museum
Roberto Giusti T. +39.02.72434.219
Marina Gerosa T. +39.02.72434.228

Administrative Services
Anna Maria D’Ignoti, responsible
Silvia Anglani T. +39.02.72434.262
Isabella Micieli T. +39.02.72434.217
Paola Monti T. +39.02.72434.227
Antonia Vitucci T. +39.02.72434263

Library and archives
Tommaso Tofanetti, responsible T. +39.02.72434.246
Elvia Redaelli, Photographic archive  T. +39.02.72434.203


Silvana Annicchiarico T. +39.02.72434.253

Museum Research
Marilia Pederbelli T. +39.02.72434.211

Exhibitions, Initiatives and International Activities 
Maria Pina Poledda T. +39.02.72434.304

Press and Communication
Damiano Gullì T. +39.02.72434.241

Michele Corna T. +39.02.72434.305

Italian Design Collections and Archives
Giorgio Galleani T. +39.02.72434.295

Restoration, Research and Preservation Laboratory
Barbara Ferriani, responsible
Rafaela Trevisan T. +39.02.72434.221
Alessandra Vannini T. +39.02.72434.416

Administrative Services
Marina Tuveri T. +39.02.72434.214


For official communications please contact: