After having answered the question What is Italian Design? through The Seven Obsessions of Italian Design and Series, Off Series, Triennale Design Museum presents a new interpretation of Italian design entitled The Things We Are.
Triennale Design Museum confirms its role as a dynamic museum, capable of being constantly renewed and providing visitors with unprecedented and diversified perspectives, viewpoints and approaches. It is an emotional and involving museum, a live organism capable of challenging its own approach, denying it and asking new questions.

The observation points is shifted on history and the stories originating from individual objects that, arranged sequentially, form a network of relations and connections, a multifaceted landscape liable to lead to unbalance and puzzlement, albeit rich in emotion and entertainment.

A selection of works by Masters, artists and young designers starts a dialogue with unexpected objects that initially do not seem to form a consistent set but in reality are not what they seem. If analysed from different viewpoints, they show complex project schemes, provide further and unprecedented evidence of Italian creativity and contribute to supply a different definition of the identity and essence of Italian design.

The museum “stages” Italian design by renewing not only its key-topic and scientific background but also the installation which, in the case of the present interpretation, is entrusted upon Pierre Charpin.