By means of an overview of iconic objects, a story is told aimed on the one hand  at illustrating the specific activities and deep nature of what Alberto Alessi terms the “Factories of Italian Design”, moving along a line joining the functional, semiotic and poetic values of the objects being manufactured and – on the other hand – at illustrating the great abilities and skills implemented in such “research laboratories” which also attract foreign designers who choose to work in Italy since they are aware of the excellence of Italian production.

The exhibition is organised around two poles: on one hand a detailed and precise theoretical approach deriving from the analysis conducted on such issues by the coordinator over the last years and on the other hand a poetic, artistic and fictional approach drawing from the imagery of Lewis Carroll and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

The design project by Martí Guixé is conceived as one of the adventures narrated in Alice in Wonderland: a dialogue involves objects and designers and the histories of great entrepreneurs are intertwined with their individual biographies in a joyful atmosphere rich in emotions and hints. It is an extraordinary occasion to discover some of the most famous objects of Italian design from new points of view.