Triennale Design Museum proves to be once again a dynamic museum, one that is capable of renewing itself all the time and offers its visitors unusual and different views, standpoints and trails. An emotional, riveting museum. A lively, ever-changing organism, which is capable of questioning, contradicting and searching itself. Triennale Design Museum is directed by Silvana Annicchiarico; its scientific curator is Andrea Branzi. The name, Series, Off Series, stands for the extremes of a dynamic loop in which industrial production is fuelled by the most advanced, independent experimentation of independent research, and vice versa the latter feeds on a productive fabric that also includes the custom-built prototype or the one-off piece. The concept is divided into broad theme areas: Large Series Small Series Experimentation Off Series The museum “stages” Italian design, giving a new lease of life not just to the key theme and the scientific order, but also to the exhibition design by Antonio Citterio and Partners which in this second year also involves the 2000 square metres of the museum, with the only exception of Agora Theatre designed by Italo Rota in 2007. Architect Antonio Citterio states: “In the new version of the Design Museum, it is the rationalist building that steals the limelight. A majestic architecture, set off by sunlight. The staging is just an exhibition trick which tries to be sympathetic to the direct relationship between the museum’s shell and the exhibits. It runs in a loop, which can be freely read either clockwise or anticlockwise. White transparent screens marked by a delicate artwork highlight the major pieces in each category, making for a concise, straightforward interpretation.”