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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Giovedì 6 dicembre alle 17.00 il Palazzo della Triennale chiuderà al pubblico per un evento privato

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm



A roundtable, promoted by AFIP and organized by 6Glab, with the most important Italian photo printers, with the participation of Settimio Benedusi and Denis Curti, to discuss techniques, experiences, developments and contamination in the photo printing between tradition and new technologies.

6.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale

From an idea of 6Glab – Il laboratorio delle Idee di Seigradi, AFIP presents “The Darkroom in step with times”, roundtable on the state of photographic print between tradition and contemporaneity.


A meeting with the most important Italian photo printers – Robert Berné, Giulio Limongelli, Diego Locatelli and Giancarlo Vaiarelli – to discuss techniques and experiments, to highlight experiences, evolutions and contaminations that are developing in the comparison between tradition and new technologies. The roundtable will be moderated by a special guest: the photographer Settimio Benedusi.


The Roundtable, organized by AFIP – Italian Professional Photographers Association – wants to reach a double purpose: the aim is to recognize the fundamental value of experience and typically Italian professionalism in this field and to emphasize the importance of a constructive dialogue between organizations that work with different methods and approaches in the field of photography and printing.

The planning and the organization of the meeting is curated by 6Glab, agency of Public Relations and Marketing Communications dedicated to the world of photography, art and culture: with this new appointment, 6Glab has again demonstrated to be a reality able to offer new insights to authors, professionals and photographic art lovers.


So the start will be with Giulio Limongelli, craftsman, photographer and printmaker for over thirty years, which in its customer portfolio boasts some of the most important Italian photographers, as well as historical archives and museums. Teacher of the discipline of photo printing in his Studio Fine Art in Bologna, as a true “Master” is able to teach the dark room experience, bringing the photo printing to its original world made of bowls, red lamps and smell of acids. During the roundtable, Limongelli will focus on his return to analog experience from the new digital frontier, thanks to his technical inventions like the Digingranditore, and on the need to transmit his know-how – through individual courses and workshops just for two persons – to teach a thoughtful approach to photography.


A different school for Diego Locatelli, creator and founder of Spazio81 in Milan. Locatelli is really able in the creation of a connection with the artists, who consider his  space as a point of reference. He thinks that the year of the real break between past and future in photo printing has to be fixed in 2008. From that moment Locatelli starts to operate only and exclusively in the digital world, claiming that right in 2008 “… photography is dead and the picture is born”. Locatelli will tell how the future of the image should be sought through the continuous curiosity and experimentation, pushed to find new expressive and qualitative frontiers, as its Fine-Art Giclée prints, with museum-quality certificate, or its project Wallpepper, innovative wallpaper made with ecological materials, thanks to which print can conquer also the world of the coolest interior design.


We can find a different point of view in the experience of Giancarlo Vaiarelli. Considered a modern craftsman of photography, he spent a lot of years abroad to refine studies on ancient photographic techniques- between London and the States – and now he is part of a team of professionals in photo projects, video, fine art prints and digital processing finalized to analog printing with silver or platinum salts. Thanks to the print with Platinum and Palladium, for example, a sophisticated technique in the eyes of educated public and collectors, Vaiarelli is able to give to his prints a great expressive power, emphasizing the little details and making them unique in their kind. Starting from his recent works, Vaiarelli will talk about the ability to translate the secrets of ancient photographic techniques in the production of contemporary images.


Roberto Berné will outline his experience with the Berné Studio, a forge of art prints and services for artists, born with the desire to return to a closer relationship between author and photo printer. For Roberto Berné the passage is from the “darkroom”, the dark and isolated place able to introject the printing experience, to the “Camera Lucida”, area of dialogue whose reflections are projected in printmaking. A pure digital language, where papers, ink and media – tools of a “modern craftsman” – transform the reproduction of a photograph in work performed meticulously, also in the choice of measures, frames and settings.


A powerful final touch will be the speech of Denis Curti. Thanks to his great experience as artistic director of many festivals, journalist and photography critic, editor, publisher and market expert, Denis Curti will close the meeting with a talk on the close relationshipamong press, collecting and collectors in photography.


An overview on the state of the photo printing today, where schools of thought and viewpoints, that can be divergent, will find a meeting point in the perfect knowledge of the subject, in continuous curiosity that push  individual research and discovery, or re-discovery, of various borders in analog or digital photo printing.

The approach can be historical or hypertechnological, turned to the past or future-oriented. During the roundtable we will see a world that is living, in constant and rapid evolution, always open and looking more and more able to respond with so many different interpretations to the expressive needs of the authors of today and tomorrow.

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