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The fight for the High North

SAT, MAR, 2018

The Arctic was almost like the moon.
Another planet compared to the great history of humanity. Now, instead, it is the center of epochal changes.

5 pm
Palazzo della Triennale

Marzio G. Mian, presents Arctic. The fight for the High North.

He will be joined in conversation by: 
Serena Danna, journalist of la Lettura and vice-director of the digital edition of Vanity Fair
Sergio Romano, historian, writer, journalist, and diplomatic
The presentation will be moderated by the journalist Francesco Battistini

The Arctic might as well have been on the moon: another planet, far away from human history. Today it is at the epicenter of momentous changes. From the space it appears less and less white and increasingly more blue; a new sea is growing like an Atlantis of water, because the warming of the High North is double in respect to the rest of the earth. The melting Arctic has given rise to disputes about the conquer of the only part of the world not yet exploited, and which also hides as many resources as the worth of the whole U.S economy. A ruthless neocolonial race at the expense of the Inuit population has started: a fight for new trade routes, wide-ranging rich coastal areas for fishing, large-scale infrastructure for the extraction of gas and oil.

Marzio G, Mian founded the non-profit society: The Arctic Times Project, based in the USA, together with other foreign journalists. In Italy participates at The river Journal, a multimedia project about important rivers around the world. He cooperates with Rai, Sette, Il Giornale, GQ, L’Espresso. He has been the vice director of Io Donna for seven years. He has conducted many surveys and news stories in 56 counties. And he writes for the theater.

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