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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

The Landscape as a strategy. The Quality of the Landscape for a Quality Architecture

FRI, 9 JUN 2017

This is the third edition of an international event that was created with the shared objective of establishing light reflection on the project's landscape and in previous years has developed different themes such as: Agritecture & Landscape , agricultural landscape in all its forms design and brand & landscape , landscape as a tool for communicating corporate values, brand equity and visual identity.

9 am
Palazzo della Triennale

This year the theme becomes much wider embracing the whole sphere of contemporary design in the field of landscape architecture. An event of high design, cultural, scientific and social, organized through an International Symposium on CITY & BRAND LANDSCAPE. The landscape as a strategy. The quality of the landscape for quality architecture and an International Architecture Award that respond to the need to identify new integrated logic of planning and design of the area, where the landscape is an important indicator.

The themes and category of the Symposium are:

For landscaping projects of varying scale made in urban contexts, landscape redevelopment of urban spaces, metropolitan fringe areas, green in the dense city, urban planning and large territorial transformations.
The speech: Petra Blaisse from Amsterdam with Biblioteca degli Alberi; Michel Desvigne from Paris; Neil Porter of Gustafson & Porter from London; Steffan Robel – A24 Landschaftarchitektur from Berlin; from Swiss Paolo Bürgi; from Dublin Brady Shipman Martin Landscape. Then, from Italy, Benedetto Selleri, Emanuele Bortolotti and Giannantonio Vannetti – Daniel Burencon la Piazza Verdi a La Spezia realizzata con l’artista Daniel Buren.

Projects that express the relationship between companies and landscape integrated into the theme of urban contexts in which, far too often, the role of the landscape is subordinated to the architecture of the built, filled with shortcomings filling spaces of results and urban voids that have not A precise functional purpose.
The speech: Cino Zucchi and Camilla Zanarotti for New Headquarter Lavazza in Turin.

Section for the project of space dedicated to play and sport, the rediscovery of parks and public space for all ages, areas dedicated to play activities in all its declinations, play areas both in Italy and abroad, micro – City-size children and spaces for promoting active aging.
The speech: Clément Willemin of BASEland Studio from Parigi; Marina Rosa and Michele Zini; Stefania Gori, Lapo Ruffi and Angiola Mainolfi.

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