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Opening time

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Third edition

WED, 21 MAR 2018

Film, documentaries and debates to discuss and reflect on the changes our planet is undergoing. One for all, not just few.

From 9.30 AM
From 9.30 AM

One. For all. Not just few. (Una. Per tutti. Non per pochi.) Films, documentaries and forums on denied and (re)conquered rights; on their abuse and the battles fought to eliminate their misuse. Stories of reporting and hope, with international witnesses and guests.

Edu Morning program dedicated to high-school students, active protagonists of the Festival.
Doc Screening of award nominated documentaries, selected by Sole Luna Doc Film Festival
Talk Debates, lessons, and testimonies.
Film International movies on topics related to the Festival
Photo Documentary photography explained by its creators
Exhibitions “Crepe” by Andrea Kunkl & “Le bambine salvate” by Stefano Stranges (“Rescued girls”)

Wednesday 21.03 

Teatro dell’Arte and Salone d’Onore – 9.30 AM 
We want food, we want it now. It doesn’t taste good though…
There’s a fil rouge linking the devastation of the planet and the gang-master system. People running from famines or forced out of work by industrial agriculture often become modern slaves. Matteo Dell’Acqua and Daniele Bocchiola, researches, will explain that if we don’t forget farmers’ knowledge, it’s possible to produce enough healthy food for all. On the day when we remember the victims of the mafia, the Human Rights Festival will focus on the infamy of the gang-master system (caporalato, in Italian) with a monologue by Elisabetta Vergani and the live coverage of the Libera demonstration from Foggia.
Matteo Dell’Acqua, researcher at Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna di Pisa.
Daniele Bocchiola, researcher at Politecnico di Milano.
Best practice: Giuseppe Savino (VàZapp’)
Photo: Terra dei fuochi by Silvia Tenenti
Destination de Dieu by Andrea Gadaleta Caldarola (IT 2014, 20’)
God save the green by Michele Mellara e Alessandro Rossi (IT 2012, 72’)
Reading: Elisabetta Vergani plays an extract from Buon lavoro – report teatrale dal mondo del lavoro (by Farneto Teatro)
Live covarage from Foggia for the demonstration of Libera. Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie.

Teatro dell’Arte
5 PM Food coop by Thomas Boothe (FR 2016, 97’)
6.40 PM La ville engloutie by Anna De Manincor (FR 2016, 66’)

Salone d’Onore – 6 PM 
City Lights. Cities ignite hope
Human population is growing and clustering in cities. Nowadays, big cities have the power to become the force of change in the face of big contemporary issues. We just have to prevent what Italo Calvino imaged for Leonia, the imaginary city where everything was thrown in the trash, so far as to becoming “a fortress of indestructible leftovers”
Stefano Boeri, architect and urbanist
David Miller, Regional Director, North America and C40 Ambassador for Inclusive Climate Action
moderator Elisabetta Soglio, editor in chief of Buone Notizie – Corriere della Sera.

Salone d’Onore – 7.30 PM 
In collaboration with Terre des Hommes
Le bambine salvate
by Stefano Stranges (Rescued girls)

Teatro dell’Arte – 8.30 PM
In collaboration with Slow Food Italia
Petit paysan – Un eroe singolare
by Hubert Charuel (FR 2018, 90’) | Preview

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Organized by
Reset-Diritti Umani

With the support of
Alto Commissariato delle Nazioni Unite per i Rifugiati (UNHCR), Ministero dell'Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare, Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale, Città Metropolitana di Milano, Comune di Milano, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Amnesty International Italia, Legambiente, Ordine degli Avvocati di Milano, Ordine Provinciale dei Medici Chirurghi e degli Odontoiatri di Milano. 

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