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Mario Botta. Querini Stampalia

19 APR

"It was an in progress intervention, a kind of endless project timeline that lasted twenty years... It is as if an architect had to take care of a built land that has to be modeled constantly, finding the best usage possible for it." Mario Botta

5.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale

Between 1994 and 2014 Mario Botta has followed the growth of the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, both from the point of view of the cultural offer and that of the services made available to the city, with a series of precise interventions. These works, although realized in different moments, nevertheless managed to give a new order to the structure, configuring a homogeneous organism, where the architectonic details dissolve in the continuity of the narrative and underlie a continuous dialogue with the pre-existences.

The book “Mario Botta. Querini Stampalia” illustrates this journey through written documents, graphic works and big format photographs, realized by Alessandra Chemollo.

Beyond the testimonies by Mario Botta and by the curator Mario Gemin, the publication includes an essay by Fulvio Irace, which focuses on the contaminations and on the deeper meanings of the intervention and the reinterpretation of the spaces of the palaces, also relating them to the city as a whole. Moreover, the book includes a critical interpretation by Giorgio Busetto, which traces the historical sequence of events regarding the transformations made by Mario Botta and by Carlo Scarpa before him.


Curated by
Mario Gemin

Alessandra Chemollo

Giavedoni, 2015

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