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The Dining Rooms

9 PM

(Italiano) Nati a Milano nel 1998 da un idea di Stefano Ghittoni nella loro ormai lunga storia hanno pubblicato 7 album in studio per l’etichetta di modern jazz Schema Records.

9 pm
Palazzo della Triennale

Formed in Milan in 1998 out of an idea by Stefano Ghittoni they have produced 7 studio albums over their long history for the modern jazz label Schema Records. Their last album, Do Hipsters Love Sun (Ra)?, has a powerful visual element with roots in music and soundtracks for Italian cinema. Their live performances present an imaginary soundtrack blending elements of cosmic, electronic beat, samples, funk, abstract jazz, dub, in the manner of a cinematic DJ Shadow. Inspired by the history of Sun Ra and the hipster movement which gives their album its title, The Dining Rooms’ music jumps backwards and forwards in time creating an emotional disjuncture that is never comfortable but always highly melodic and captivating.

Stefano Ghittoni: beats and electronics.

Cesare Malfatti: guitar and keyboard.


(Italiano) A cura di Ponderosa

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