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An Evening with Yann Tiersen. Solo in Concert

FRI, 14 JUL 2017

Yann Tiersen will be on tour to presents his first album of solo piano music, EUSA

30 / 40 euro + presale
9 pm
Palazzo della Triennale

Ahead of the release of EUSA, Yann Tiersen’s first album of solo piano music, Tiersen has launched a brand new track, Penn ar Lann.

Yann Tiersen has also announced he will perform an exclusive instore at Rough Trade East, London on Thursday 29 September

The instore is his first UK show following sold out performances at the Edinburgh International Festival and the Barbican. The Herald said “There’s an elegant languor to his music and an evocative quality that allows the audience to close their eyes and put their own images to it.” and both The Guardian and The Independent awarded the show 4*. A European tour follows (full details below).

Location is important to everything Yann Tiersen does, and here, Tiersen has taken his connection with the land one step further. The collection of 10 solo piano pieces form a musical map of Tiersen’s home island Ushant (‘Eusa’ in the local Breton language) which is positioned in the Celtic sea between Brittany and Cornwall.

Each track was conceived in and named after a location on the island. Initially tracks were only available as sheet music, with each piano piece accompanied by a photograph of the location and a field recording.  For his album he took things a step further – firstly Tiersen manipulated his original field recordings to create a subtle drone of the natural noises on the island, then took everything to Studio 1 at Abbey Road and recorded the solo piano.

Between each piece we hear the sounds of the island, and Tiersen’s improvisations that are all titled ‘Hent’. Hent translates from Breton to English as Path and with each one Tiersen leads the listener across the island landscape to a new location.

His full immersion into the rustic way of life and his admiration for desolate, sparsely-inhabited landscapes all seem a far cry from the cutesy postcard image of Montmartre and the soundtrack for the film Amélie (Jean-Pierre Jeunet, 2001), that some might best recognise Tiersen from. In fact this album sees a more stripped back production last seen on the collaborative soundtrack for Good Bye Lenin! (Wolfgang Becker, 2003) and before that, of course, on his debut, La Valse Des Monstres, originally written for a theatrical adaptation of Tod Browning’s Freaks, and later mined for the Amélie soundtrack.

info and tickets: Vivaticket 


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