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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Graphic Design Worlds

26 January. 27 March 2011

Triennale Design Museum

Triennale Design Museum presents Graphic Design Worlds, an exhibition totally devoted to international graphic design, curated by Giorgio Camuffo.

Triennale Design Museum carries out this way its commitment to researching, analysing and promoting contemporary design: following the exhibition The New Italian Design (2007), which offered a survey of the new generation of Italian designers, the Museum now broadens its look onto the international scenario of graphic design and its relationships with the Italian scene. 
Graphic design is a discipline that is undergoing a significant change, which is also reflected in the development, in recent decades, of a specific critical discourse. Engaged in shaping the universe of communication we are immersed in, active at different scales and on different dimensions, translators as well as actors that contribute in building relationships and knowledge, graphic designers draw a territory that is in constant evolution and may offer interesting perspectives for understanding contemporary culture and society. Necessarily in dialogue with different fields and disciplines, art, music, fashion, cinema, architecture etc., graphic design is also increasingly engaged in developing and taking a critical position, with respect to both its own tools and objectives and the world.

Graphic Design Worlds provides a look into this phenomenon: not so much an exhibition of “graphics”, but rather “on graphic design”, focusing on the multifarious interpretations of this discipline and practice, on the various routes to graphic design and the paths that branch off from it, into the world.

The notion of worlds is meant as a key to investigate and to shed light on the plurality and diversity of approaches and readings that animate contemporary graphic design—that is, the worlds of graphic designers. Furthermore, this notion refers to the relationships that graphic design and graphic designers have with the world, with the contexts in which they operate, with the society they address, with the visual and material culture to which they refer and which they contribute to shape.

The aim of Graphic Design Worlds is not to offer a comprehensive and definitive survey, but to present the richness of graphic design through a selection of significant experiences, which may stimulate reflections and interest, beyond the exhibition itself 


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