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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Grazia Varisco. Allineamenti scorrevoli ricorrenti

6 OCT - 10 NOV 2017

Tuesday - Sunday
10.30 am - 8.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale
This exhibition is La Triennale’s tribute to Grazia Varisco, who was born in Milan—where she still lives and works—on October 5, eighty years.

Here in this city, Varisco studied at the Brera Academy, sharing the experience of Gruppo T with fellow artists and friends like Gianni Colombo, Giovanni Anceschi, Davide Boriani, and Gabriele Devecchi. She also contributed to the creative ferment of the 1960s, when she had her first solo and group shows, while also working as a graphic designer at the Rinascente department store. Varisco has always emphasized the fundamental role of the personal and professional ties she forged and kept up over the decades with figures like Bruno Munari, whose work paved the way for her own and who was almost like an older brother to other artists of that generation. Grazia Varisco wishes to dedicate this exhibition at La Triennale to Guido Ballo: her teacher and mentor both in secondary school and through her years at the academy, and one of the few to support the programmed and kinetic art movement in its earliest stages, showing lucid critical insight. 

The exhibition is housed in the Impluvium space, offering up the symmetry of its architecture to Grazia Varisco’s works and the power they have always possessed to mold space around them, marking out light and the perception of time through visual rhythms and angles. It thus unfolds as a powerfully unified installation; even works dating from different decades are woven together by recurring alignments and correspondences, though sudden breaks, junctures, and inner tensions constantly reactivate everything and push it back into motion. 
The works in the show cover a time span that runs from the early 1980s, with pieces like the Gnomoni, to more recent ones like the Quadri comunicanti or the Ventilati from 2015.
Allineamenti scorrevoli ricorrenti is an exhibition that attempts to fully convey the artist’s skill at forging mutable spaces and horizons which hold the work in a state of poetic imbalance, where metal seems liquid and shadow becomes sculptural form; where the thread running through a piece seems to stretch out across time as well as space; and where the geometric logic of the works as a whole feels crystal-clear, coherent, yet decided by the whim of a breeze. 


Curated by
Elena Volpato

Artistic direction
Edoardo Bonaspetti, Curatore Triennale Arte

Grazia Varisco - Gnomoni, 1986
steel, 64×64cm
5 elementi, dimensione totale variabile
Photo by Thomas Libis
Photo: Thomas Libis
Courtesy: Grazia Varisco, Cortesi Gallery

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