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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Identity Flows
Visual routes across the Mediterranean Sea

10 MAR - 19 MAR 2017

Tuesday - Sunday
10.30 am - 8.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale
(Italiano) Un allestimento urbano composto da strutture in ferro e manifesti presenta i progetti dei 16 giovani fotografi e artisti provenienti da tutta Europa coinvolti nell’esperienza di Urban Layers

The exhibition contains the projects of the 16 young photographers involved in Urban Layers coming from all over the world, exhibited in an urban set-up made of iron structures and large prints. The projection of the video The encounter by Adrian Paci, an internationally renowned artist who has contributed to the project as a guest, concludes the exhibition, even symbolically, taking us back in the heart of Sicily and recalling the ancestral values of encounter, history and art.

The theme of the entire project is Identity Flows, in the double meaning of “flowing identity” and “identity flows”. The artists involved in Urban Layers started their experience in Sicily which has become a symbol of the mass migration flows affecting the entire Mediterranean. They have been selected through an international call and hosted in a residency in Gibellina (Trapani). Here they have been able to face the complex issues related to European identity, challenged by the encounter of different cultures and languages, by their admixture and by their clash which generate continuously new forms of society. The historical interactions among the peoples of the Mediterranean, which have largely contributed to the design of the current cultural, linguistic and religious borders, confirm that the formation of identity is a fluid and ongoing process. In this delicate historical moment Europe rethinks about its political, economic and cultural role, considering not only the dramatic current events, but also and especially its unstoppable demographic and social changes.


Curated by
Matteo Balduzzi

Adrian Paci (I/AL)
Federica Bardelli e Alex Piacentini (I), Claudio Beorchia (I), Angelica Dass (E/BR), Simone Sapienza (I), Zamir Suleymanov (AZ), Stratis Vogiatzis (GR) Carlos Alba (E), Fabrizio Albertini (I), Dario Bosio (I), Giorgio Di Noto (I), Anne Euler (D), Jorge Fuembuena (E), Gloria Oyarzabal (E), Alessia Rollo (I), Ekaterina Vasilyeva (RU), Fabrizio Vatieri (I)

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