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Opening time

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Il Bel Paese
A Project for 22,621 Historic Centres

27 SEP - 26 NOV

7 Euro
Tuesday - Sunday
10.30 am - 8.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale
Conserving the value of permanence is an evolved and updated form of civic and design responsibility. The design of the historic city is one of the most significant and original Italian intellectual contributions to international research in the field of architecture and urbanism.

The exhibition “Il Bel Paese, 1 project for 22.621 historical cores” is dedicated to Leonardo Benevolo.

22.621 historical cores
The 22,621 historical cores of the Bel Paese constitute a multitude of singularities, analyzed, regularized, protected, maintained, restored or abandoned during our long history, which together shape the current geography of a fragile territory, whose protection is only possible through a strategy of decentralization and enhancement of the minute and fragmented fabric of its historical settlements.

Leonardo Benevolo: drawings as design
Leonardo Benevolo thus developed a historically founded methodology for the study and modification of ancient and modern settlements. The drawings clarify the close relationship between historical studies, city design and project.
It shows the continuous attempt of the Italian urban design project to convey the heritage of history into the present, while focusing attention on its materials.

The culture of conservation
The preservation of the historic environment has elicited heated discussion in Italy among theorists, technicians and advocates for a civil society. From this debate an original project emerged, which recognized cultural, territorial and social balance as a prerequisite for conservation.
The defenders of the shared heritage of the Bel Paese, builders of a sensibility perhaps more widespread today has been the prophets and the problem-solvers, the administrators and the visionaries, the citizens and designers of a different Italy, all oriented towards its beauty. 

The plans for the historical cores
The safeguarding of the historical urban core, its preservation and regeneration were the underpinning for a long and multifaceted project that spread the concept of the city throughout the world. The planning experiments initiated in Italian cities became a working model that circulated in Europe and the world from the 1960s to the 1980s as international institutions adopted these urban planning strategies.
The design of the historic and existing city is one of the most significant and original Italian intellectual contributions to international research in the field of architecture and the 20th-century city.



Curated by
Benno Albrecht and Anna Magrin

Graphic Design and Visual Identity
Stefano Mandato

Display Design
Benno Albrecht with Marco Marino

Scientific Consultants
Lorenzo Bellicini, Francesco Erbani, Lorenzo Fabian

Scientific Collaborators
Ettore Donadoni, Jacopo Galli, Carlo Pavan and Nicola Pavan
with Chiara Semenzin, Anna-Paola Pola



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