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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Casa México, “The Ideal Home”

(Italiano) 2 APR - 12 SET 2016

Palazzo della Permanente
The Ideal Home is meant to represent a vision and, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, is a project that rede nes the surrounding space. By entering it, we make it active and create a participatory aesthetic experience. It is a multidisciplinary project, a collaboration between different technical, cultural and business areas which is presented as a set of proposals and products. It is also a portrait of the contemporary Mexican design and culture, a two-way bridge between Mexico, Italy and the rest of the world and an extensive proposal to various elds of action in which we all become authors and creators.

The subject of the Ideal Home clearly alludes to Vitruvius’ treatise on architecture and presents a series of considerations on the relationship between man and his environment and the configuration of the world from an historical memory point of view. Vitruvius conceived architecture as a dialogic repetition of the creation of the universe and de ned the architect as a cosmogony demiurge. Leon Battista Alberti, who, subduing the laws of nature to reason, transformed architecture into a liberal art, revived this concept during the Renaissance. Given this context and based on this inspiration, our project “The Ideal Home” was born bringing to life the aesthetically ideal proportions, together with an intense relationship with the past and the present, the interior and the exterior, and emphasizing an aspect that we believe is essential: the concept of “Created in Mexico and made in Italy”.

The Ideal Home is the place where the inside from the outside, and vice versa, are revealed/hidden, giving birth, by means of this relationship, to both opacity and “transparency” as defined — referring to the concept of transparency— by Gyorgy Kepes, who describes it as “the simultaneous perception of different places”. From this point of view, space is perceived as a body that explores himself, which gives origin to a relational investigation based on experience in the form of a exible place, where we analyse and understand, generating required (transparent) relationships as a constructive logic. And that’s how the architecture (space), the design and the objects are brought together as a semiotic ma- chine that can produce an alienating effect, or, in other words, paraphrasing Hegel, a “cognitive process” towards the self, a practice that develops new forms of knowledge and contact with the world.

The Ideal Home is an on-site structure created for the XXI International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale with the participation of more than 18 authors, including artists, private companies and institutions. Among them, Advento Art Design, Ital-Mex, Confartigianato Monza and Brianza, Glocal magazine, the Anahuac University, Studio Roca, Calvi Rugs and Tane. It is an alliance between Italy and Mexico with Mexican designers and —in the case of furniture— Italian artisans: a strategy based on cultural, aesthetic and economic fusion.


Raymundo Sesma

Curated by
Jaime Contreras
Gabriele Radice
Fortunato D’Amico

Produced by
Advento Art Design
Apa Confartigianato, Milano, Monza E Brianza
Glocal Design Magazine

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