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Opening time

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The Bicycle Renaissance

2 MAR - 2 APR 2018

Tuesday - Sunday
10.30 am - 8.30 pm
Palazzo della Triennale
After two hundred years the bicycle is showing all its vitality. The vitality of the bicycle as an instrument of urban and sustainable mobility for cities and metropolitan areas and as an emblem of a new way of thinking about production in the fourth industrial revolution.

Two hundred years of history, 3 thousand firms and 7 thousand employees in Italy alone, both a means of transport and a sports product, an object of design of high technological value. Banca IFIS and Triennale di Milano celebrate the rebirth of the bicycle with an exhibition that highlights the vitality of the two wheels: not only an instrument of mobility around cities and metropolitan areas, but also an object on which a an innovative production model is hinged.
Through fifteen models of bicycles, the exhibition narrates the story of the evolution and of the different variations of the two wheels: city bikes, racing ones, transportation bikes, designer bikes, carbon bikes, steel ones all the way to custom-made bikes, realized thanks to new digital manufacturing technologies.
In fact, the bicycle appears today as an emblematic product representing the revolution that today transforms not only new production modes but also new ways of consuming/using the product. A powerful starting point for a reflection that broadly embraces a new way of doing business and a new economic model embodied in a product that solidly connects technology, design and lifestyles. The exhibits and the proposed paths become a vocal spokesperson, speaking loudly for a new “Made in Italy” manufacture in all its uniqueness and creativity.


Exhibition curated by
Paolo Manfredi

Project and Set up

Scientific curator Innovation and Craft Society
Stefano Micelli

Press office
Innovation and Craft Society (Silvia Bernardi)

Photo credits
Emanuele Barbaro

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