The XXII Triennale invites proposals from foreign countries and organizations recognized by international conventions. Countries are officially invited at the governmental level to participate in the International Exhibition with their most advanced research achievements and proposals, which aim to improve and complement the core exhibition. The call will also be extended to institutions and bodies –such as cities, regions, universities, and architecture and design centers – so as to ensure it reaches as wide a population as possible within the design community and beyond.

Two types of international participants are foreseen:

  • Official participants, in the form of bodies appointed by governments.
  • Non-official participants, in the form of the institutions and bodies mentioned above.

By widely sharing the invitation, the Triennale hopes that participation will be broadly diverse in topics, perspectives, contexts, and geographies, illustrating different cultural traditions and their capacity to respond in original ways to the theme of the event.

International participants will occupy the first floor of the Palazzo – about 2,500 square meters (27,000 square feet). The spaces will be allocated by La Triennale di Milano according to the themes addressed and the surface areas required and available. Each participant will be allocated a fitted space with perimeter walls, electrical access, and wi-fi. All costs related to the design, shipment, setup, and dismantling of the stand will be borne by the participant.

For the entire duration of the exhibition, La Triennale di Milano will shoulder all costs of organization, pre-setup, consumption, as well as general management and maintenance of the exhibition space. It will also assume general promotion and printing of the official catalogue. In

return, participants are asked for a flat-rate reimbursement for overheads, proportional to the occupied space. The General regulations of the XXII Triennale provide all information and provisions—including fees, working schedules, conditions, and responsibilities—concerning participation. More technical provisions will be delivered together with a participation contract to be signed by each participant and the Fondazione La Triennale di Milano.