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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Remember the dragons…

18 - 20 OCT 2018

Performance for children / kids
Kids: 11 euro
Italian surtitles
Show for teenagers (from 11 years old)
Limited availability
Reservation required (
Thursday 9.30 am
Friday - Saturday 4 pm
Running time: 65'
Triennale Teatro dell'Arte
A tight confrontation between the wild imagination of children and the rationality of the adults: who is going to win?

“It was fantastic!“ Mauro’s (13 years) reaction at De Standaard

A spin-off of Perhaps all the dragons…, Remember the dragons… is the first performance specially made for youngsters of 11 years and older. Like in Perhaps all the dragons…, the thirty screens of the oval structure tell the exceptional stories of their young protagonists: a Moroccan girl who doesn’t feel pain; a Danish boy who wants to become a girl; a South African boy who secretly designs crop circles at night with his grandfather… The performance, presented more than 600 times around the world, skillfully maneuvers between fiction and reality. It is accessible only by the youngsters, accompanying adults can view the performance from an adjacent room and thus undertake their own journey through reality and fiction. Once the two parties are reunited, the pieces of the puzzle align and reveal a fascinating image.

A project by Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and Zona K


The work of the Belgian collective BERLIN is characterized by an approach on the cusp of documentary and interdisciplinarity: after focusing on a specific research topic different paths are set in motion each time using different media. This kind of process has given birth to two project cycles: Holocene (the current geological era), each part of which starts in a city or village somewhere on the globe, and Horror Vacui (fear of emptiness) in which remarkable, true stories are unveiled. The first five projects within the Holocene cycle are Jerusalem, Iqaluit, Bonanza, Moscowand, and Zvizdal. So far, Horror Vacui consists of Tagfish, Land’s End, Perhaps All The Dragons…, and Remember The Dragons…(the debut of the fourth project True Copy is scheduled for autumn 2018). Holocene will end in Berlin with the creation of a docu-fiction project which will involve the inhabitants of the cities included in the previous episodes. These last few years BERLIN have been invited to major international festivals and have toured in 28 different countries presenting their work in various circuits including theatres, exhibition spaces, festivals and public spaces.  


concept: BERLIN [Bart Baele & Yves Degryse], from Perhaps all the dragons 2014
texts, creation, direction: Yves Degryse, Bart Baele, Tom Struyf
soundtrack & mixing: Eric Thielemans
camera: Geert De Vleesschauwer
editing: Bart Baele, Geert De Vleesschauwer, Yves Degryse
set design: BERLIN, Manu Siebens, Robrecht Ghesquière, Bregt Janssens, Koen Ghesquière
soundtrack, mixing: Eric Thielemans
technical direction: Manu Siebens
technical assistance: Tim Clement
image & graphic design: Jelle Verryckt, Fien Leysen
communication: Sam Loncke
make-up: Saskia Verreycken
research: Fien Leysen
business management: Kurt Lannoye
administration: Jane Seynaeve
tour planning: Eveline Martens
choreography: Axelle Verkempinck
set film: Eric Moonen, Sophia Hahmann
production: Celeste Driesen, Fien Leysen, Jelte Van Roy, Eric Moonen
costumes & props: Jessica Ridderhof, Fien Leysen
internship video & production: Claire Hoofwijk
internship technics: Amber Van Rooijen internship
research: Sari Veroustraete, Floor Fiers, Anna Poreda, Anneriek de Vries, Enrica Camporesi, Heleen Haest, Lynn Elshof, Robin Houben
with: Alice Fatzaun, Alina Tugusheva, Amy Sibille, Anuna De Wever-Van der Heyden, Asia Gomarasca, Brecht Ghyselinck, Daniella Foros, Emanuel Ost, Jens De Vylder, Kareena Lakhani, Kas de Bruin, Koral Tabdidishvili, Luka De Wever-Van der Heyden, Manu Van Mieghem, Maya Vasquez, Melisa Mehmeti, Milo Lenski, Lena Lenski, Mpho Pierreux, Nestor Matytchak, Shams Bedja, Shania Choksi, Siene De Vylder, Wolf Verniers, Joaquin De Neef, Salma Bekkour, Henri Van den Eynde, LiungWen Liu, Koen Fillet, Sven Speybrouck, Barbara Raes, Patrick De Jaegher
extras: Uta Boving, Maya Cools, Mats Heivers, Jade Gevaerts, Esther Verhaegen, Mila De Bruyn, Emil Krastev, Loraline Verhulst,Hope Cassetto, Bente Govaerts, Heleen Van Caesbroeck, Kyan Vandeweyer, Maxim Somerling, Brahim Maadi, Enis Ramadanovic, Nando van den Brande, Ante Bal, Jeanne Van Kerrebroeck, Lou de Grave, Rhune Mannaerts, Elisabeth Wilderjans, Ashley Van Vooren, Loupita van Bellegem, Mattiz Van Hecke, Nina Janssens, Amber Lagast, Amelia De Bie, Kato Cusse, Fleur Cusse, Cato de Vlamynck, Marilyn Steelant, Jana De Zutter, Norah Martens, Laure Pycke
translation in Italian: Eva Oltivanyi
translation & subtitling: Ram Rahmim, Natalia Tugusheva, Oksana Semyczak, Angela Foros, Susan Verhulst, Raf Vanorbeek, Fatiha El Mokkadem, Florinela Petcu, Reena Lakhani, Merima Mehmeti, Astrid Knoke, Frank van den Boogaard, Fien Leysen, Kristel Soekias, Claire Hoofwijk, Kurt Lannoye, Tom Struyf, Els De Bodt
production: BERLIN, hetpaleis, Kopergietery
co-production: Tweetakt festival [Utrecht, NL], Rotondes [Luxembourg, LU], le CENTQUATRE [Paris, FR].
BERLIN is an artist associated with CENTQUATRE [Paris, FR]
with support of the Flemish Government

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