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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Chevel Palm Wine
C2C Soundsystem
The Italian New Wave

1 JUN 2018

Ticket 15,00 Euros
Ticket under 30/over 65 10,00 Euros
Students 7,00 Euros
10.30 pm
Giardino della Triennale
The Italian New Wave is the format created by the
Turin-based festival Club to Club, an important European event for the avant-pop music scene. It promotes a new Italian creativity in the world, with live events and exclusive contents.

“The Italian New Wave is a cross section of italian musical creativity.” La Stampa

The Italian New Wave is a concept by the Turin-based festival Club To Club (one of the most important European avant-pop music programmes) seeking to promote new Italian trends by staging live and exclusive events worldwide.

ITNW features a carefully-selected roster of artists who, with their innovative and unique outputs, marry the Club to Club approach, showcasing its signature style. Between 2012 and today, The Italian New Wave events, co-presented by high-profile venues such as the Barbican Centre (UK), Unsound Festival (PL), Romaeuropa Festival, Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI, Castello di Rivoli and Reggia di Venaria, have travelled to New York, London, Milan, Rome and Turin.

For FOG, The Italian New Wave presents three of its top artists (Palm Wine, Chevel, Bienoise) alongside a music selection by Club To Club Soundsystem.


Palm Wine is a project by Simone Bertuzzi launched in 2009 in a blog format: an opening toward sounds’ movement and the imaginaries of post-global world. Palm Wine plays regularly as Dj, proposing warm border-crossing sounds: dancehall, dub, tarraxinha, kuduro, azonto, afro beats, ukbass, rasterinha and all the sub genres that are included in the “tropical bass” category. Between 2013 and 2015 he organized Bunker Sonidero, a monthly party in Turin that hosted International artists like Venus X, Chief Boima, Dubbel Dutch, Dj Marfox and many others. He is a collaborator in festivals and evets, among which it is possible to highlight OPEN (Triennale di Milano, 2012), Sonido Classics (Milan, 2016), MASH (Milan, 2015/2016). He teaches Multimedia Design at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bergamo and he occasionally works as promoter. Simone Bertuzzi is part of an artistic duo called Invernomuto, which is active in the visual art’ sector since 2013. 

Chevel is the pseudonym of Dario Tronchin, italian techno dj, owner and producer of recording labels, whose works range from hypnotic and minimalist to glitchy and complicated experiments. Born in Treviso, in 2008 Tronchin moved to Berlin, where his sound radically changed. After this period, he ceased his Enklav label, composed of musicians who share the same attitude to sound sperimentation. At the end of 2015, thanks to Blurse LP su Stroboscopic Artefacts, he attracted the attention of the international press, such as The WireResidentAdvisor e Pitchfork. He has been defined “a young producer, who is not only making techno, but he is dismantling, reorganizing and broking it”.

Bienoise, Alberto Ricca’ stage name, in 2014 graduated in Electronic Music at the Conservatory of Como, in addition to a Degree in Media Languages and a Master in Composition at the Cinematography Sperimental Centre. In December 2015 he published Meanwhile, Tomorrow per White Forest Records under the name of Bienoise, which is considered one of the best Italian album of the year by many magazines. He also published for Concrete Records (Small Hopes of Common People, a soundtrack album for never ended films, 2015), Bitcrusher (Sono una Teiera Tonda/Il mio beccuccio è a forma d’onda, 2010, together with his alias Maestro delle Metope). From 2015 he is one of the protagonists of The Italian New Wave, a project by Club To Club Festival promoting the new Italian creativity of music on an international scale. In 2014, he has been chosen from Red Bull to represent Italy at the Tokyo Academy. He is one of the founders of the recording label and organization of improvised music Floating Forest Records. Bienoise cooperates with the European Design Institute of Milan to teach the productive and performing techniques of electronic music. He is not a dj.


photo © Luca Chiaudano

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