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Opening time

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Dewey Dell
à elle vide

1 JUN 2018

Ticket 10,00 Euro
Ticket under 30/over 65 7,00 Euro
Students 5,00 Euro
22.15 pm
Running time 25'
Dance Night
Triennale Teatro dell'Arte
A work based on the creation of a void between two characters, two animals, two figures, two drawings:
the Rooster and the Scorpion.

“The Dewery Dell create a unique and exciting aesthetic universe.” Tribune de Genève

The work centres around a void between two characters, two animals, two figures, two drawings: the Rooster and the Scorpion. Their defining traits are conveyed by the ways in which they express themselves, behave and move. The Rooster’s movement is proud: it scans and examines the space as if it were the keeper of a secret. The Scorpion’s movement embodies the precise, determined and internalised stillness of the period of inactivity before the attack. The scene exudes an intangible, unimaginable, arcane elegance. The red of the Rooster: its colour becomes its movement. The white of the Scorpion: its suspension becomes its voice. The black of the stage becomes the time of an empty revelation. The piece, created in 2007, is presented eleven years on in its original version. 


Dewey Dell was founded in Cesena in 2007 by four young artists: Agata, Demetrio and Teodora Castellucci and Eugenio Resta. The founders of the company come from different artistic perspectives, which leads each of them to focus on a particular aspect of the work, without preventing a continuous collective engagement with the material. Since 2007 they have devised: à elle vide (2007), KIN KEEN KING (2008), Baldassarre (2009), Cinquanta Urlanti Quaranta Ruggenti Sessanta Stridenti (2010), Grave (2011/2012), Marzo (2013), as well as different formats of live concerts and electronic music. Sleep Technique (2017) is their latest work. Currently based between Berlin and Cesena, the company is researching experimental ways of working with a wide range of art forms.


by: Agata Castellucci, Demetrio Castellucci, Teodora Castellucci, Eugenio Resta
with: Teodora Castellucci, Agata Castellucci
choreography and costumes: Teodora Castellucci
original music: Demetrio Castellucci
lights: Eugenio Resta
plastic arts: Chiara Bocchini
realization of costumes: Gabriella Battistini, Carmen Castellucci production:
Dewey Dell / Fies Factory
special mention: GD’A 06/07
project participated in: Aerowaves 2008/The Place, London



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