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Dialoghi nella nebbia
Lo sguardo, i sensi della città

27 MAY 2018

Free, subject to availability
12 noon
Giardino della Triennale
Dialogue is itself an art. In fact, a good dialogue can give life to a generative space in which the speakers can voice out their performative and creative ideas, inspirations, and experiences.

The Teatro Continuo Burri, evocative open air stage in the heart of Parco Sempione, and the Giardino della Triennale host four meetings between FOG artists and other thinkers, with the aim of engaging in a debate on performing arts and other disciplines of thought, such as philosophy, psychoanalysis, anthropology, and science.

In Lo sguardo, i sensi della città, the third meeting of the cycle “Dialoghi nella nebbia”, 10 young photographers selected for the master class by Alex Majoli, photographer of Magnum Photos, meet the theater company MK. Their works revolve around the theme of the city. The photographers investigate urban transformation with a project dedicated to the city of Milan, while MK stages Veduta, a reflection on the prospective vision of the landscape, on May 26 and 27. The dialogue compares the work of these two professions and their different representation of urban space, showing how the actor’s perspective and performative vision on the city can meet the analytic eye of the photographer. The meeting is moderated by Umberto Angelini, Artistic Curator of Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, and Valeria Cantoni. 


mk has been conducting for almost twenty years some of the most interesting research on movement of the contemporary scene. Thanks to this rigorous work Michele Di Stefano, founder of the group, was awarded the Silver Lion at the 2014 Venice Biennial for dance. Their more recent productions include Il giro del mondo in 80 giorni (with two dancers of the William Forsythe Company and various Italian artists) Quattro danze coloniali viste da vicino and Grand Tour, Impressions d’Afrique. In 2014 they created Robinson, in collaboration with visual artist Luca Trevisani. In 2015 they created various installations and site-specific works. In October of the same year, the MilanOltre festival featured a retrospective dedicated to their more recent works which included Giuda and the debut of Hey which was made in collaboration with the duo Sigourney Weaver. Apart from performances they have also organized various conferences, laboratories and experimental proposals including Piattaforma della Danza Balinese in the Santarcangelo Festival (2014 and 2015), various projects for the Dance Biennial 2013-14-15 and the cycle of performances AngeloMai Italia Tropici in Rome. In 2014 Michele Di Stefano , the group’s choreographer was commissioned by Aterballetto (Upper East Side) and by the Korean National Contemporary Dance Company (Line Rangers Seoul). In 2015 they re-presented their very first project e-ink, this time with two dancers from Aterballetto, as part of the project RIC.CI (Reconstruction Italian Contemporary Choreography). In 2012  Agenti autonomi e sistemi multiagente was published, a text by Michele Di Stefano and Margherita Morgantin giving choreographic instructions and meteorological reports.


In collaboration with: ArtsFor, Milano PhotoWeek
Curated by: Valeria Cantoni

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