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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Elisabetta Consonni

23 MAR 2018

Ticket 10,00 Euros
Ticket under 30/over 65/groups 7,00 Euros
Students 5,00 Euros
8 PM
Running time 45’
DiD Studio
via Procaccini 4
A performance born from the experience of Vipassana meditation, seen as an occasion to reflect upon a relationship with the world, made of delicate balances between being with one's self and listening to what is outside.

“Plutone by Elisabetta Consonni is a lunar dance that captures the eye, the mind and the heart.” Corriere della Sera

Elisabetta Consonni devises projects that interrogate the relationship between dance and other artistic disciplines and reflect on the interplay between individuality and collectivity. Plutone comes from the need to feel one’s individuality against the outside, observing subtle things without taking action, without necessarily understanding, giving up and seeking silence. The performance is inspired by the experience of Vipassana meditation, which thinks of the relationship with the world as relying on a delicate balance between being with oneself and listening to outside stimuli. The last planet of the solar system – Pluto, capable of controlling the invisible by influencing the real with subtle, latent energies – becomes the model for a series of concentric evolutions punctuated by real and potential encounters.

Elisabetta Consonni is a choreographer and performer whose research focuses on the declination of dance through different artistic media and in different social contexts. In 2004 she received her degree in Communication at the University of Bologna with a final thesis about the social construction of the body in dance. In 2005 she graduated from The Place- London Contemporary Dance School. Before settling back in Milan, she spent some time in Rotterdam until 2009 where she developed her independent choreographic research while in 2013 she moved to Lublin, Poland. Since 2014 she has been conducting a research project called Ergonomica which investigates the relationship between architecture and dance through the creation of site-specific choreographic interventions in which the principles of choreographic construction arise from the characteristics of the urban environment. Plutone (2016), Abbastanza spazio per la più tenera delle attenzioni (2016), Ergonomic excursion: we want to become architecture (2014), Il secondo paradosso di Zenone (2013), Fotoritocco (2012) are some of her most representative performances. In 2011 she collaborated with Fondazione Pomodoro of Milan for the Classical Education’s Concert where she presented the performance Sono in Lista.

A project of Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and DiD Studio.



by: Elisabetta Consonni
with: Alessandra Bordino, Olimpia Fortuni, Masako Matsushita (creation process: Annamaria Ajmone, Sara Leghissa)
sound composition: Aftab Darvishi

light design: Violeta Arista

costumes: Lucia Gallone

production: Fondazione Teatro Grande di Brescia
 with the support of “Next – Laboratorio di idee per la produzione e distribuzione dello spettacolo dal vivo lombardo” di Regione Lombardia
with the support of: Industria Scenica - Residenza Rifugio Everest

creation residencies: Santarcangelo Festival, Manifattura K, Associazione Culturale Valdapozzo, Teatro Pim Off

Photo Jim Denevan

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