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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Mauro Montalbetti with Mirko Guadagnini, Eddi De Nadai, Marco Baliani, Liederìadi Chorus, AltreVoci Ensemble IT

23 OCT 2018

Full ticket: 22 euros
Reduced ticket (under30/over 65): 16 euros
Student ticket: 11 euros
8 pm
Running time 50'
Triennale Teatro dell'Arte

A secular requiem, which unites different texts and languages in a fascinating and rich dramaturgy.

STILL REQUIES, work by composer Mauro Montalbetti, premiering at Triennale Teatro dell’Arte, is an homage/memory of the tragedy of the First World War. Through a unique secular Requiem, which unites poetic, political and sacred texts, the composer creates a dramaturgy rich of suggestions and tensions which derive from the deliberations of the imaginary protagonists of the tragic wartime experience (a poet, a soldier, a mother, a father). STILL REQUIES is interpreted by Mirko Guadagnini, Altrevoci Ensemble and Liederiadi Chorus, directed by Eddi De Nadai. Along with them will be Marco Baliani, one of the most popular Italian theatre actors of the last thirty years.


composition, texts, dramaturgy, and translations curated by: Mauro Montalbetti
with : Marco Baliani (actor), Mirko Guadagnini (tenor), Liederiadi Chorus (female choir), Altrevoci Ensemble, Eddi De Nadai (Director)
texts from: G.Trakl, P. Eluard, C. Rébora, C. Sbarbaro, E. Montale, S. Sasson, D.Campana, A. Caeiro, P. Baum, R. Kypling, U. Saba, T. Van Doesburg, V. Maiakovskij, F. Werfel, C. Sorley, G. Apollinaire,  G. Ungaretti, A. Achmatova, W. Owen, E. Toller,  B. Brecht, M. Baliani, V. I. Ul’janov
production: Festival Liederiadi
in partnership with: Festival Internazionale di Musica Sacra di Pordenone

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