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Opening time

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Radio Raheem
Cosmic Perspective from Milano
Romare + Nu Guinea + Lobo

5 MAY 2018

Ticket 15,00 Euros
Ticket under 30/over 65 10,00 Euros
Students 7,00 Euros
set times 9.30 pm - 10.30 pm: Lobo Dj set
10.30 pm -11.30 pm: Nu Guinea Live
11.30 pm - 12.30 am: Romare Live
Giardino della Triennale
In the Triennale Garden, more than three hours of experimental music and of the news sounds that contaminate the international creative landscape.

“Radio Raheem is an aggregator of people, a door open to the neighborhood and consequently to the city.” Corriere della Sera

Founded in March 2017 in one of the most iconic areas of Milan, the Navigli (canals), Radio Raheem is one of the liveliest and most innovative creatures that saw the light in the city. For the first time in its brief history, Radio Raheem will collaborate with Triennale Teatro dell’Arte and the first edition of FOG to give life to a special night, in the garden of the Triennale, hosting the live hows of two new talents of the international scene of electronic music: Nu Guinea, duo born in Naples and based in Berlin, who creates a refined mix of jazz-funk, disco, African rhythms, and Neapolitan tradition and just released its latest workNuova Napoli on April 16 on NG Records, and Romare, British musician, dj, and producer who creates an explosive mix of electronic music and hip hop from a musical language focused on African American traditional culture. 
A dj set by Lobo will open the night. Lobo is a collective project in continuous evolution that unites the main spots of European underground music, bringing to Milan the best electronic music from London, Bristol, LA, coming back to Berlin. Lobo is also a show hosted by Radio Raheem: every two weeks it goes live with new sounds interweaving Bass Music and Soundsystem Culture, hosting in previous years artists such as Mala, Scratcha DVA, Ikonika, Luke Vibert, and many others. 
More than three hours of experimental music and of the news sounds that contaminate the international creative landscape. 


Radio Raheem is the musical and cultural platform that from Milan explores the world that surrounds it, with an eye always turned to the cosmos. Born in March 2017, Radio Raheem is rapidly becoming a real container of ideas and culture, an aggregator of people that finds its strengths in the quality, credibility and variety of content. The project is born from the desire to re-interprete the fascinating medium of the radio transforming it from “an instrument of diffusion and passive participation” in a model of renovation in the consumption and production of music and culture, always gazing at an international dimension. This is why the Raheem community continues to grow, thanks to its ever-growing community of musicians, Djs / producers, journalists and creatives, all sharing the same spirit of discovery. Radio Raheem is in fact addressed to a curious audience, who wishes to explore and better understand the external world, and does so by giving space to the most interesting musical and cultural realities not only of Milan, but also of Italy as a whole and of the international scene.




photo © Did Patel

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