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Opening time

Today we are closed

Drive_IN #Barona

17th - 22nd OCTOBER 2017

Ticket 10,00 Euro
Booking required, limited places
From Tuesday to Friday from 7 pm to 10 pm (no 8.30 pm)
Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 12.30 am and from 7 pm to 10 pm (no 8.30 pm)
Running time 25'
(Italiano) Il luogo dello spettacolo verrà comunicato entro il giorno prima della performance.
Drive_IN is a video that was never shot, a film that takes place on the road.

A spectator, a car and the city of Milan as a set. Strasse, a young company based in Milan, has created for Triennale Teatro dell’Arte Drive_IN #Barona, a site-specific project which is re-conceived each time for a different place. Drive_IN is a video that was never shot, a film that takes place on the road. It’s the same scene, shot during the course of one night, continuously being born and dying in a landscape which allows those who cross it to reclaim the role of looking. The performance is the first synthesis of a research on the urban world, used as a theatrical set, as a container and maker of signs; here the performative and cinematographic levels are intertwined, in search for a common language. This work is a car journey through the city, directed on-the-go, resulting in a moving projection for one spectator at a time.


Strasse is a group of Italian artists founded in Milan in 2009 by Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa. The company works with performative vocabularies, investigating relationships between bodily expression and urban landscape, and uses the language of film as a lens through which to observe the world. Strasse aims to bring theatre and cinema to the spaces of the city, drawing and absorbing its environments, temperatures and signs. Without subverting their meanings, it wants to free them from the flow of the everyday and transport them, for a moment, elsewhere. In 2009 the group run Casa Strasse in Milan, with Elena Cleonice Fecit, a space in which to research and produce artistic work, share practices and offer workshops. Since 2010, Strasse has been operating directly in public spaces. The group has produced Drive_IN (2012), Solo (2014), Costruzione dell’immagine della fine and HM/ HOUSE MUSIC (2016). Other projects include Exil and T.Rex, which use the format of the party to generate connections and challenge boundaries between different audiences and between artists and audience.


concept by Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa
directed by Francesca De Isabella
with Francesco Laterza, Sara Leghissa, Paola Stella Minni
dramaturgical consultant Valentina Cicogna
management Giulia Messia
produced by Teatro dell’Arte, Strasse

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