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Lotte van den Berg
THE END – un altro modo per dire la fine

3 - 13 APR 2018 (PAUSE 9 APR)

Ticket 15,00 Euros
Ticket under 30/over 65/groups 10,00 Euros
Students/Children 7,00 Euros
8 pm
Limited availability >br/>Performance is part of the Invito a Teatro subscription.
Triennale Teatro dell'Arte
THE END – MILANO is a performance which occupies public space, a documentary of what is observed, without camera.

“As the people who adore you stop adoring you; […] Not coming from any place, not arriving at any place. Just driving, counting off time. Now you are here, at 7:43. Now you are here, at 7:44. Now you are gone.”
Synecdoche, New York, Charlie Kaufman

Urban space is the place where Strasse’s and Lotte van den Berg’s artistic processes intersect. The Milan-based collective develops site-specific projects using the language of cinema as a filter to cast a theatrical frame on everyday life; the Dutch director is engaged in a research on the relationship between the planes of physical reality and of imagination. THE END– un altro modo per dire la fine, is born from this encounter: a performance on public space, a documentary that observes without the camera. The spectators walk through the city and experience real situations, adopting a specific point of view to watch a series of endings from everyday life. The encounter with the end escapes our control and our will. In that moment, parameters change, images are renewed: there is a very moving element in the moment of the end, something about our ability to perceive time. Sometimes it is hidden, its limits are hard to see, but there is always a point from which you can see it.  

Strasse is a group of Italian artists founded in Milan in 2009 by Francesca De Isabella and Sara Leghissa. The company works with performative vocabularies, investigating relationships between bodily expression and urban landscape, and uses the language of film as a lens through which to observe the world. Strasse aims at bringing theatre and cinema to the spaces of the city, drawing and absorbing its environments, temperatures and signs. Without subverting their meanings, it wants to free them from the flow of the everyday and transport them, for a moment, elsewhere. In 2009 the group ran Casa Strasse in Milan, with Elena Cleonice Fecit, a space to research and produce artistic work, share practices and offer workshops. Since 2010, Strasse has been operating directly in public spaces. The group has produced Drive_IN (2012), Solo (2014), Costruzione dell’immagine della fine and HM/ HOUSE MUSIC (2016). Other projects include Exil and T.Rex, which use the format of the party to generate connections and challenge boundaries between different audiences and between artists and audience.

Lotte van den Berg is a Dutch director. She studied directing at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. After graduating, she began collaborating with different Dutch and Flemish theatres. From 2005 to 2009 she worked for the Toneelhuis theatre in Antwerp. In 2009 she created the company OMSK which since 2012 is based in Utrecht. She has been collaborating with professional and amateur actors while her productions can either be site-specific or destined for theatres. Her projects include Cinéma Imaginaire (2017), with Deflorian/Tagliarini, Building Conversation (2013) conceived together with Daan’t Sas, AgoraphobiaLes spectateurs, Mapping the unknownWasteland. In 2015 she founded Stichting Third Space with which she produces works that move across theatre, dance, cinema and the visual arts giving life to her own personal, constantly evolving style. Lotte van den Berg’s pieces are performed in important theatres and festivals in Europe, America and Africa. She has received numerous awards including the Erik Vos Prize and the Charlotte Kohler Prize.


Performance held outdoors. Starting point in Triennale Teatro dell’Arte
Limited availability

Strasse is the associate artist of Triennale Teatro dell’Arte for the period 2017-2019.


project: Strasse and Lotte van den Berg
concept and creation: Francesca De Isabella e Sara Leghissa
in collaboration with: Lotte van den Berg
with: Benno Seinegger
drama consultation: Valentina Cicogna, Marco D'Agostin
costume design: Lucia Gallone
organization and promotion: Giulia Messia
production: FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts and Strasse
with the support of: Next - Laboratorio di idee per la produzione e distribuzione dello spettacolo dal vivo lombardo di Regione Lombardia
in collaboration with: Third Space
photo: © Strasse



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