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Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

Opening time

Today we are open from 10.30 am to 8.30 pm

L’ombra della sera

18 - 19 DEC 2018

Full ticket: 16 euros
Reduced ticket (under 30/over 65): 11 euros
Student ticket: 8 euros
8 pm
Running time 60’
Triennale Teatro dell'Arte
An intense and poetic show that brings Giacometti's extraordinary sculptures to life.

“A show that creates photographs of a vibrant and moving beauty.“ PaneAcquaCulture

L’ombra della sera is a piece inspired by the life and work of Alberto Giacometti, iconic artist of the 20th century. A work which intertwines theater and dance and underlines Serra’s multifaceted vision. On stage is one female interpreter whose performance is inspired by three women in the artist’s life: his mother Annetta, his wife Annette and the prostitute Caroline. A tale that doesn’t wish to become biographic but to give substance to the human nature that emerges from Giacometti’s works, from the faces and bodies that he shaped or traced on the borders of a newspaper. Faces and bodies in which we can recognize ourselves.


Alessandro Serra first approached theatre through making theatrical transcriptions of the cinematographic works of Ingmar Bergman. His formation as an actor starts with the study of the physical actions according to the Grotowski-an tradition to later arrive at the objective laws of scenic movement as transcribed by Mejercho’ld and Decroux. His theatrical training is fused with that of martial arts which he has been practicing since a young age. In the meantime, he graduated  in Art and Science of Spectacle from the Sapienza University in Rome with a thesis on the dramaturgy of the image. In the final years of his training, he had a fundamental – for his artistic formation – encounter with Yves Lebreton and his method of Corporeal Theatre.

Teatropersona was founded in 1999 under the artistic direction of Alessandro Serra.  After an initial interest for the milieu linked to Terzo Teatro and the physical actions of Grotowski, the formation of the company focalized on the study of Meyer’hold’s principles of biomechanics integrated with the fundamentals of martial arts. Starting with traditional phonatory techniques, the study of voice was developed through the practice of vibratory and Gregorian chants with Father Emanuel Roze at the Abbey of Sant’Antimo.  During recent years the encounter with Yves Lebreton and his Corporeal Theatre method has been of fundamental importance. Each production is created pursuing continuous and consistent operations of theatrical research based on the centrality of the actor, the composition of the image and the sapient use of the lights. Teatropersona has presented its performances in many countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, Poland, France, Switzerland, South Corea, Colombia, Romania, Turkey, and Brazil. Among Teatropersona’s most significant works are, apart from Macbettu, Trattato dei manichini, winner of the 2009 ETI (Ente Teatrale Italiano) award; A U R E (2011), selected by the Venice Theatre Biennial for the section Young Italian Brunch / New Italian scenic creation; Il grande viaggio (2013),which was awarded the pubic’s prize at Fit Festival in Lugano in 2014; H+G (2015), coproduced by the Accademia Arte della Diversità, winner of the Eolo Awards for 2016/2017; FRAME, created on the same year and coproduced by Cantieri Teatrali Koreja.

Alessandro Serra/Teatropersona
The promotion allows you to see Macbettu and L’ombra della sera at a reduced price.
30 euros: full price
22 euros: concession under 30/over 65
16 euros: student concession
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direction, scenes and lighting: Alessandro Serra
with: Chiara Michelini
production: Compagnia Teatropersona
co-production: Sardegna Teatro, Fondazione Centro Giacometti – Stampa
with the support of: Regione Toscana Sistema regionale dello spettacolo dal vivo
photo © Alessandro Serra

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