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Triennale Design Museum

21 March 2009. 28 February 2010.

The second interpretation by Triennale Design Museum called Series, Off Series illustrates the contemporary scene of Italian design, which starts from experimental research to get to mass markets, using handicraft materials as well as sophisticated technology, and from start-up companies to get to the big global corporations.


6 April 2013. 23 February 2014.

The sixth edition of the Triennale Design Museum is devoted to an aspect that is inherent in Italian design, which its capacity for assimilation and its curiosity and desire to interact with other styles and cultures in order to bring about new projects and developments.


9 April 2015. 21 February 2016.

This edition of the Museum takes its inspiration from the title of the science-fiction novel The Body Snatchers, written by Jack Finney in 1955, and from the film based on the book and directed by Don Siegel. Both have came to be seen as bringing about a break and a transformation in the collective imagination.


4 April 2014. 22 February 2015.

The seventh edition of the Triennale Design Museum focuses its attention on the topic of self-production differently declined and approached in three crucial periods in history: the thirties, the seventies and the zero years.


14 April 2012. 24 February 2013.

TDM5: grafica italiana is focussed on the 20th century, starting from the Futurist printing revolution, but it also embraces the tradition of the previous centuries and more recent works, showcasing a treasure-trove of gems by Italian graphic designers, in all their amazing diversity of expressions.


5 April 2011. 4 March 2012.


27 February 2010. 27 March 2011.


7 December 2007. 25 January 2009.


An educational project aimed at schools and families, developed with the intention of bringing children to the world of design and to accustom them to learn through play.

Inaugurato nel 2007 è il primo museo del design italiano. Situato nella sede della Triennale di Milano offre al visitatore la possibilità di scoprire le eccellenze del design italiano attraverso inediti punti di vista. Nessun ordinamento cronologico o per autore, ogni anno Triennale Design Museum si rinnova, si trasforma, modificando le tematiche trattate e gli allestimenti.