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XXII Triennale di Milano

The Nation of Plants


The Nation of Plants is a non-technical scientific show curated by Stefano Mancuso, one of the world's leading experts in plant neurobiology. 

 The exhibition is based on the idea that one of the ways to avoid a catastrophic future for humanity is to take a radically new approach to plants, using them not just for what they have to offer us, but also for what they can teach us. 

Plants have been living on planet Earth for far longer than we have. They adapt better and will quite probably outlive us. In their evolution they have come up with solutions that are not just efficient but that do not prey upon the ecosystem in which we too live, together with them. The most recent studies in the realm of plants have shown that they have sense organs and memory and that they communicate with each other and thus can, to all intents and purposes, be considered as intelligent organisms.

The exhibition The Nation of Plants will unfold in the form of a spectacular and fascinating journey of learning through an imaginative and immersive experience with multimedia content. The artistic supervision of the exhibition will be by Marco Balich, the creative director of the Olympic ceremonies and major international shows.



Curated by:
Stefano Mancuso

In collaboration with:
Blue Joint Film Production

Artistic Supervision:
Marco Balich

Executive Producer:
FeelRouge Worldwide Shows

Exhibit Design:
Studio Giò Forma

Content Design:
Mauro Belloni


Photo Gianluca di Ioia

Photo Gianluca di Ioia

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Free guided visit to the International Participations

Every Saturday morning at 11:00 and every Sunday afternoon at 16:00 the cultural mediators will guide you through the International Participations of the XXII Triennale di Milano Broken Nature.
Saturday, h 11:00: Austria, Cina, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lebanon, UK, Czech Republic, Russia, Slovenia, Tunisia.
Sunday, h 16:00: Algeria, Australia, Cuba, Myanmar, Netherlands, Poland, Sri Lanka, USA.
Advance booking is required by writing an e-mail to by 18.00 on the previous Friday, or it is possible to join groups leaving directly on site, subject to availability.

International Participations


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Digital Archive Preview

IX Triennale di Milano, 1951<br/>Scalone d’onore, Luciano Baldessarri e Marcello Grisotti, foto Aragozzini
IX Triennale di Milano, 1951
Scalone d’onore, Luciano Baldessarri e Marcello Grisotti, foto Aragozzini
Costruzione Palazzo dell’Arte, 1932<br/>Giovanni Muzio
Costruzione Palazzo dell’Arte, 1932
Giovanni Muzio
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968<br/>Scalone d’onore, Ferrari Tasmania, Dino Ferrari
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968
Scalone d’onore, Ferrari Tasmania, Dino Ferrari
V Triennale di Milano, 1933<br/>Impluvium del Palazzo dell’Arte, scorcio della fontana con la statua di Leone Lodi su disegno di Mario Sironi
V Triennale di Milano, 1933
Impluvium del Palazzo dell’Arte, scorcio della fontana con la statua di Leone Lodi su disegno di Mario Sironi