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FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts

FOG is a unitary multidisciplinary project that favors the intertwining of the disciplines, focuses on the production and presentation of theater performances, pursues and significantly strengthens the production and programming of music and dance as well as the link with its surrounding space, the Palazzo dell'Arte, where the Triennale di Milano - the Italian institution dedicated to architecture and design - is located.

Jan Fabre
The Night Writer. Giornale notturno

The Night Writer. Giornale Notturno– which FOG presents in a world premiere – is a visionary and disarming hymn to the subversive and intriguing figure of Jan Fabre, one of the most innovative visual artists and theatre makers of the international scene.

Daniel Blumberg in trio

Daniel Blumberg, one of the most determinedly original artists in independent music, will be back in Italy with his latest work: Minus, his first solo record released by Mute Records.

Silvia Costa
Nel paese dell’inverno

Through a poetic and visual investigation of Cesare Pavese’s oeuvre, Silvia Costa creates a piece that connects with the real through the transfiguration of objects into images and symbols.

Siro Guglielmi 
P!nk Elephant

At: DiD Studio Fabbrica del Vapore

Siro Guglielmi, promising young talent of Italian choreography, creates stylised yet exuberant pieces. P!nk Elephant is a dance around the object of love; it is the expression of a body in constant transformation.

Sara Sguotti

At: DiD Studio Fabbrica del Vapore

With this visceral self-portrait, the Italian artist Sara Sguotti stages her anguish and her pleasure. Winner of “DNA appunti coreografici 2017”, S.Solois a bodily research that stems from an emotional encounter with Baudelaire’s poem “The Dancing Serpent” and with works by Louise Bourgeois, Tracey Emin and Ren Hang.

Giovanfrancesco Giannini

At: DiD Studio Fabbrica del Vapore

In datamigration_1 the performance space is connected to remote geographies, in a mediatic landscape which draws on information. Through images, videos and digital streams, Giovanfrancesco Giannini takes the audience on a journey through the archived data of his personal memory.

Collettivo Munerude

At: DiD Studio Fabbrica del Vapore

Rotten#1 focuses on processes of organic transformation of plants and fruits and the visible changes they produce. The Munerude collective places bodies in a “vegetable” condition, treating them as natural masses affected by the passing of time. 

Salvo Lombardo/Chiasma

At: DiD Studio Fabbrica del Vapore

OPACITY#4 interrogates bodily representations that erase difference. Salvo Lombardo deconstructs assumptions to critique the notion of the West as origin of signification. 

El Conde de Torrefiel

El Conde de Torrefiel is one of the revelations of the last few years. The Spanish collective comes back to Milan with the Italian premiere of LA PLAZA, a piece envisaged as a town square which narrates the present while tapping into the collective memory of the past.

Enrico Malatesta
Aliossi "Crazy Bugs Experience"

Devised for young audiences, Aliossi is a sound experimentation project that invites children to interact freely with acoustic forces and with the relational possibilities generated by the interplay of stimuli and intuitive reactions. 

Lorenzo Bianchi Hoesch
Square Milano

Square Milano is a participatory installation that manipulates its surroundings. The result of a research project developed at IRCAM - Centre Pompidou in Paris, the work guides the audience through an ambiguous soundscape which plays with the simultaneous perception of real and fictitious inputs.

Linda Fregni Nagler
Things That Death Cannot Destroy

The work is a double projection of antique glass slides for magic lantern. In Things that Death Cannot Destroy the artist presents sequences of images from her private archive, conceived as a stream of visual associations.

Parete Nord

In Parete Nord, experiencing dance as interlocked movements means employing it to explore what is on the outside and attempting to lose figurative boundaries – dissolving into the world. The piece is organised as a diptych: the opening part, built on the incessant and close dynamism of the performers, is followed by a landscape scene, inspired by the “geographical disobedience” that every mountain territory brings with it.

Camilla Monga
Duetto in ascolto

The young Italian choreographer Camilla Monga collaborates with the composer Zeno Baldi in a duet that employs attentive listening to explore processes of choreographic and musical accumulation. Every visual and aural stimulus becomes a recognisable sign to be turned into pure sound.

Nicola Galli
Deserto digitale

Deserto digitale is a choreographic composition dedicated to the revolutionary music of ‪Edgard Varèse and inspired by the piece Déserts. The composer’s experimental research is at the core of the performance, conceived as a visual and dream-like ritual between suspension, violence and catharsis.

Francesca Foscarini

At: Teatro Franco Parenti

Animale is a powerful and poetic work by the Italian choreographer Francesca Foscarini, winner of the Danza & Danza 2018 prize for emerging artists. Created for the French dancer Roman Guion, the solo – which premiered at the Venice Biennale in 2018 – is a choreographic jewel on the relationship between human and animal sensitivity.

Michele Rizzo

At: Teatro Franco Parenti

“Deposition” is a term borrowed from physics: it refers to the process of turning volatile material into solid matter. In this hypnotic and evocative solo piece, artist and performer Michele Rizzo draws inspiration from this process of transformation to present to the audience a possible reverse transcendence – from the virtual to the deeply humane and back.

From post-global to post-experimental

"From post-global to post-experimental" is a true mix of sounds: from the latest proposals of Intelligent Dance Music to the urban sounds of South American cities, via the garage rap of metropolitan suburbs and a post techno between noise music and 4/4 drum beat.

Rimini Protokoll (Stefan Kaegi) / Thomas Melle
Uncanny Valley

In this startlingly provocative new work, at FOG in Italian premiere, multi-award winning performance collective Rimini Protokoll engages with the issue of androids and their unsettling resemblance to humans.

Compagnie Didier Théron

At: Biblioteca degli Alberi/ Fondazione Riccardo Catella

Bizarre and exhilarating, the cycle “GONFLES / Vehicles” by Compagnie Didier Théron elevates air to motor of creation. The figures of these works are dressed in inflated latex: it is the air inside and outside the costumes that generates forms and deformations, energy and dynamics.

Tú Amarás

Addressing challenging – and very timely – questions about discrimination, this prize-winning play by the Chilean company Bonobo interrogates the relationship between progress and intolerance: who are the “others”? What marks their difference? How do they become the enemy?

Cristian Chironi
Milano Drive

At: Fondazione ICA Milano

Milano Drive is a multidisciplinary project investigating the relationships between the great modernist architect Le Corbusier and the city of Milan.

Giulio Boato
Theatron. Romeo Castellucci

At: Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli

Theatron, the film by the multi-award-winning film-maker Giulio Boato, is an unprecedented portrait of Romeo Castellucci.

Agrupación Señor Serrano

The multi-award winning company Agrupación Señor Serrano presents Kingdom, an irreverent cocktail mixing bananas, King Kong, consumerism, virile choreographies, commercials, punk rock, supermarkets, growth, confusion, expansion, multinationals, shortages, coups d’état, bestiality, trap music and very macho men in an endless party.

Alex Cecchetti
Walking Backwards

Secret place

In this site-specific work by Alex Cecchetti, the spectators are invited to walk backwards along a narrative path. With a guide walking on their side and stories of trees, plants and herbs whispered in their ears, they are accompanied in this immersive experience until they become the garden itself and realise that there are no beginnings and no ends: the path welcomes all choices.

Alessandro Sciarroni

Videos, documentaries, images and choreographic notes about the work of Alessandro Sciarroni

In a day-long event dedicated to Alessandro Sciarroni’s artistic oeuvre, the spaces of Teatro dell’Arte are open to the public from the early afternoon, showcasing video documentation of the choreographer’s main pieces and a slideshow of his photographic works. At the same time, in the spaces of the Triennale, his dancers share with visitors practices from the artist’s movement research.

Ivana Müller

Situated in a colony of tents and performed by its spectators, this open-air performance – in Italian premiere – questions our relationship to nature, to the other, to the concept of survival, to leisure and culture, through a series of meetings with “strangers” engaged in a scripted conversation. In Hors-Champ, each spectator enters a tent with another member of the audience – preferably someone they don’t know.

Dewey Dell
Storm Atlas

At: Santeria Social Club

Storm Atlas is a catalogue of storms. Powerful audiovisual scenes trap the force of meteorological turbulences of all kinds: dramaturgies of gestures, sounds and texts translate the great turmoil of nature. Composing this atlas becomes an endless chase, running after the unattainable equilibrium of the sky.

Deflorian / Tagliarini

At: Zona K

Scavi is a fascinating performance of considerable historical value, devised for a limited number of spectators. Conceived alongside Quasi Niente, a piece inspired by Michelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert, it is a public performance of the “discoveries” made by Daria Deflorian, Antonio Tagliarini and Francesco Alberici during the research and development phase of the work.

Rip it up and start again

Rip it up and start again is a show-concert-karaoke-manifesto which digs in the recent past to look at the present through different eyes and build up dissent over the idea of a “generation whose every move was anticipated, tracked, bought and sold before it had even happened” (Mark Fisher).

Radio Raheem
Celebrating Soundscapes:
Gold Panda UK
Awesome Tapes From Africa

For the second year running, FOG collaborates with Radio Raheem, an indipendent online radio inspired by established interntional platforms such as NTS in London, The Lot Radio in NY and Red Light Radio in Amsterdam.

Digital Archive Preview

Costruzione della Torre Littoria, 1933<br/>Gio Ponti e Cesare Chiodi
Costruzione della Torre Littoria, 1933
Gio Ponti e Cesare Chiodi
Piazzale d’Onore del Palazzo dell’Arte, 1933<br/>Veduta dalla Torre, del Palazzo dell’Arte e del piazzale verso il parco Sempione, foto Argo
Piazzale d’Onore del Palazzo dell’Arte, 1933
Veduta dalla Torre, del Palazzo dell’Arte e del piazzale verso il parco Sempione, foto Argo
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968<br/>Allestimento della sezione messicana, Eduardo Terrazas
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968
Allestimento della sezione messicana, Eduardo Terrazas
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968<br/>Il Tunnel Pneu, Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’urbino e Paolo Lomazzi
XIV Triennale di Milano, 1968
Il Tunnel Pneu, Jonathan De Pas, Donato D’urbino e Paolo Lomazzi

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